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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On the Road Again

23.12.2014 – 24.12.2014
Route: Buenos Aires – Behind Esso Petrol Station in Laboulaye - San Luis – Park National Sierra de las Quijadas (895 km)

Driving out of the city of Buenos Aires was experienced before – at first one has to get to a larger road and then try to take over to the motorway. It takes almost half an hour to reach there. Getting used to the traffic again takes some time, as many things that are not practiced in the meantime.

But in the long run having had the right feeling the car is on motorway and I can drive to the right direction. This time the right direction is towards Mendoza,
Down the motorway in a traffic jam. In 100 meters, it is necessary to make a left turn and then there is a theoretical possibility to gain access to the motorway again. Succeeded. And the further from the town the sparser the traffic.

In the meantime there is nobody in sight. Rains of the recent days have left marks in the surrounding area


You drive on and at the next roadside gas station discover that very soon, ie, in an hour - it will get dark, and that here behind the gas station there are all opportunities to spend the night calmly.

In the morning. There are about places for grill and benches behind the gas station. In the shadow.

The tanks must be full before leaving. And here in this part of the world one will not fuss oneself while refueling, but there are special employees who put the gas gun into the tank and they are being paid for their service.

And always, always, always it is essential to come out of the car and check that only Diesel is used and not any other liquid. Because over and over again, there are those who are trying to fill up the tank with gasoline, because small cars here mostly have gasoline engines. Or the gas. But here no mistakes are allowed. And you must always be prepared for the situation that the quality of the fuel can vary (the correct expressions!) .

Price list.


And meanwhile one has to pay the road tax. The price is reasonable, The largest sum was 30 pesos (about 2 EUR).

And this tripod by the road reminded the movie "War of the Worlds", though here it certainly represents something else.

Perhaps later there is time to look for information in the web.

San Luis. A shady parking space almost in the center.

San Luis. A shady parking space almost in the center.

There is a former railway station about a kilometer away. Built in 1907. The railway itself is not visible, but the house should be a cultural center. The doors are all closed.


On the other side, however, there are some rails in sight.

Within an hour and a half the sun warmed the bus up, but it helps if to open the windows of both sides and drive a bit.

And if to look around a little then there is no sense to feel worried because of the appearance of my car. Many local vehicles are of the same condition. Continued.

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