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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Buenos Aires, La Boca


La Boca, now an Italian style district of the city with colorful houses, was once the first port of Buenos Aires. A legend says that the houses of the Italian immigrants were built from old boats and oddment of the shipyard.

And the houses were decorated with the overage of the paint.


Actually - La Boca is a nice place to walk around. Corrugated sheets and different bright colors, warm weather and street cafes, traders, etc., all together makes a sort of aura.





The clock counter reminds that the Beatles Museum in Buenos Aires should also be reviewed.

By the side of the road - one vehicle of unique design.

Then back to the yellow bus, and the tour takes towards the city center.

Skyscrapers in the area of the former harbor

And a little of downtown graffiti.

The day was almost over and it was time to take the train back to camping. At first everything was ok till up to the Victoria station, where we supposed to take over to the diesel train.

To make the long story short – according to the timetable there were supposed to function this evening even two trains, but actually there was only an engine by the other platform and but for some reason this drove away.
In the picture above - the leaving engine.

In the end it turned out that there were two options – to take the train back to Buenos Aires or drive to the direction of Tigre. Tigre was closer. According to GPS it was about 13 kilometers from Tigre to the camping site. Not much to consider – just to stops ahead was Tigre and from Tigre by a local taxi to the campsite.

More pictures of La Boca, however, finds here

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