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Monday, June 6, 2011

Amboseli NP

The attempt to avoid driving through the downtown of Nairobi ended with two hours of messing around on the so-called side-track, or to be more exact – by the side of the side – track , as some part of the road was not drivable because of the holes.

It was said that to visit the Ambosel National Park the most suitable solution was to drive from Nairobi southwards. As far as to the border of Tanzania and from a border town called Namanga a smaller road will take to the Ambosel National Park.

Reaching Ambosal an idea came to my mind - why not stay here for overnight as there is an hour left to the sunset . Anyway – a border town. But after visiting a couple of places I gave up the idea and drive on with the standpoint that when it gets dark it is necessary to turn either left or right and find a place to stay for the night. Because the human population in Kenya is much less dense compared to Ethiopia.

A road with local importance, the left side of it is even quite decent, but the right side has been driven into a typical „ladder“.

In short – I reached the gate of the park when it was getting darker and already before I had an idea of spending the night outside the gate as there is always a kind of a parking place by the entrance. And the ticket is valid for 24 hours starting from the moment of entry.

Inside the trails were fairly well-marked.

Next – photos.

They did not want to come out of the water. They were supposed to be quite evil animals.

Elephant family crossing the road.

The higher view site – Observation Hill.

This road was supposed to take to the lion.

Further on – this kind of a sign came in sight. Perhaps it is here to no purpose , but on the other hand – didn`t want to inspect either. Well – perhpaps it just his sleeping time and when awakened could be suddenly in a bad mood.

And one more – the background is Kilimanjaro. Though the mountain itself is behind the grey clouds.

Savanna in the sunset.

At the camping place there was even lighting and shower. And not just shower but a real one with running water. But in the morning the awakening began quite early because the 24 – hour visiting time was over at 6.30.

The topic of the next post – Tsavo West NP.

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