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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Buenos Aires, Déjà vu


It is always interesting to visit new places, but sometimes it's nice to come back to some of the familiar one. To this kind of a place which – while visiting it for the first time  you could not have a thorough review.

Buenos Aires is one of these kind of places. You walk in the center, and the overall picture is familiar and already comprehend which is the next street and square.

Plaza de Mayo.

Piramide de Mayo or May Pyramid, made in 1811, for the first anniversary of the May Revolution. 

The May Revolution was the beginning of Argentine War of Independence. More here:

Metropolitan Cathedral.

The palace of the President is also by the May Square, but this time I was not going to queue up there. As I had been there twice already.

Six-lines downtown traffic, just now relatively sparse.


Retiro or railway station.

This time the visit to the city took place by train, and for several reasons. First, I needed the compulsory car insurance as in Argentina, all the vehicles must have a compulsory insurance. And generally this paper is checked. It was said that the check of the insurance is already at the border before entering the state. Two years ago I used the service of the security firm named San Cristobal, but by now the prices had been changed and this was not suitable for me. So I found another company.

As the current overnight place "Camping AndeanRoads" is located 30 kilometers from the city center, there was no “taking a walk to the city“. And so the before-noticed railway was the solution. The information was that the passenger trains stopped there 4-5 times a day, and the price of a one-way ticket was six pesos.

In the morning at the station.

From that direction the train should reach here very soon.

I also checked before whether there is right -or left –hand rail traffic here and it was the left-hand one, but because of the reconstruction works of the railway the train stopped at the empty platform.


Then 45 minutes in the diesel train, and then had to get over to Tigre -Buenos Aires electric train, and another 50 minutes travelling by train.

And here in the end a statement - that always, no matter where you intend to go, put a small camera into your pocket.

Not exactly the best pictures, but here they are. I was told that the owner had nine times visited the IM concert.




Continued ...

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