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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Park National Sierra de Las Quiadas

24.12.2014 – 25.12.2014
Journey: PN Sierra De Las Quijadas – Mendoza (251 km)

“Fans of the Road Runner cartoon will feel oddly at home among the red sandstone rock formations in this rarely visited national park” (Lonely Planet, Argentina 9th edition, Aug 2014). Quite a unique introduction

The park is situated 120 km from San Luisist, not directly on the road to Mendoza.

The phrase "rarely visited" was pretty accurate, as there were no visitors in the park. At the entrance it was mentioned that the first parking lot or overnight place was 6 km away, and there were bathrooms but no shower, and in the evening before dark it does not make sense to make a longer walking tour.

Nice overnight place in every respect.


The sun is setting.



In the morning.

The overnight place was quite acceptable. There was also possibility to get some water from the tap by the toilets. In the morning one had to put up with a “bucket shower” which means that you will take a bucket of water and pour over your head. In fact - just besides the drinking water there is also some water supplies with for washing the dishes or refreshing oneself.

 In recent years, I have considered that a 15-liter canister is perfectly adequate. Water can be got from any gas station, and in the mountains it is even easier, you just have it from the river or creek. Since this is the southern hemisphere and summer-time , and an average temperature is + 30 degrees outside, and in the sun perhaps even more, so this topic of shower and the water is actually an important part of everyday life.

And in the morning some courageous and curious figures appear just in time for breakfast.

The paths near the parking lot are short and well marked.

Almost no possibility of getting lost.

To cover the long path one must egister oneself before , although even here are the signs and piles of stones that will guide the route.



Guanaco. Not really afraid of people , but still keeping some distance.

After having covered 2.5 kilometers this kind of a view opens. Of course, the reality is gorgeous and no image can depict this , but still can give a kind of an idea of the place.



Open space on the other side.

A view at the covered distance. It is 11 am, and it is getting warmer and warmer.

Back to the car and then to the direction of Mendoza.

In Mendoza there was practically no traffic, still the holiday-time, and the temperature was about +30 here.

A typical street scene, the former building that was in the possession of the railway has by now received other labels.

A couple of times I thought of what about driving higher, to Uspallata at once and return to Mendoza when the weather is reasonable (read: less than+ 30 degrees), but in fact it was better to spend the night here. Just because there is a Walmart here and to complement the supplies of food.

And The Camping Suizo is also located here, the main overnight place of Mendoza.

And maybe I can upload the blog . Just hope. The speedtest shows a long waiting ahead. No success.


Currently, 01/04/2015, YPF gas station net gives this result:

Speedtest 2015-01-04

This time the uploading took one hour and forty minutes. But finally succeeded.

Continued ..

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