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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Museo Beatle

Buenos Aires.

The information about The Beatles Museum caught my eye first of all in Argentina Lonely Planet book. According to the book it was supposed to be the only one of this kind in South America.

Looking for additional information it turned out that because of its largest collection of items the museum belongs to the Guinness Book of Records. And it is situated in the center of the city.

The ticket office has the theme of the yellow submarine. The visit hours are a bit unusual - as always - it opens at 10 am in the morning, but closes the doors at midnight.
No crowds waiting to get inside and the music that is playing on the background is just really suitable.
The beginning of the exhibition. Pete Best with the drums here. Some picturs on the wall are familiar and some are not.


Generally, while visiting this kind of a place usually you already expect to see some discs and concert posters , advertisements and similar commercial issues.

In fact there were much more items. For example - a board game. And almost every item has its own story.


And then there was something new under glass, some strange cassettes. Considerably bigger than the former cassette players used to be.

Discs, discs and discs. A number of them with autographs. Familiar images, familiar music.

The next display stand and one more nostalgia from the past. Once upon a time the movie the Yellow Submarine was screened in the cinema “Kosmos”. The hall was full of people, of course, and the queue outside hoping to get a ticket was really long.

The movie was kind of surreal, I remember. But cool music.

Miniature Guitars.

The certificate confirms that in 2011 there were 7700 different items in the collections.

Another cool thing, a portable disc player.

And the museum on a large scale.

In conclusion this really is one totally cool place to visit.

A hundred yards away, a usual record store, and here just at the entrance the shirts of the famous quartet are on sale.

Continued ...

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