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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Technical Issues, Dec. 2014

So a bit of technical talk for a change. Surprises usually appear from totally unexpected places. This time – the new radiator, made in Salta, was the source of surprise.

The first story is the following. On the day of the arrival of returning to Argentina I started the bus and let the engine work for about twenty minutes in order to charge the batteries. The seats were moved up to have a good look at what was going on by the engine.

At first everything was ok, but then I noticed that the area by the censor of tosol level was wet. Freshly. At first it seemed that the sensor had come loose although while standing in the same place this should not have happened. Having switched off the engine I tried to fix it back, but for some reason the sensor was only moving around in the socket.

Here`s the picture. Says more than a thousand words.

In short – a kind of reaction had influenced the different kind of metals. The upper part of the radiator is made of copper and this sensor – probably bronze and the place of the thread was made of unknown material.
Another picture.

Gives quite a good idea of the situation. At the service - no long explanation was needed. They understood the problem and promised to fix it. The following will belong to the theme – the routine maintenance of the hi-lift:

At least once a year this kind of maintenance should be performed, never mind that the tool has not been used in the meantime.

The pieces.

You just clean everything and then put the parts of the instrument back together again.


You then check if it is in working order – lifts the car up and slowly lets it down. Everything functioned. Can pack it up again.


The next story. A detail with a dent just above the turn signal lights. Here is the picture too.

The dent as such is from the year of 2011, from my second day in the DRC. but it is not important at all now, the important issue is that this corner has begun to rust and the picture is getting worse and worse.

It does not prevent driving as such, but in fact it would be high time to do something about it. The detail itself is screwed to the body of the car.

The back side of the detail.

The back side of the detail.

On the left the restored original, which was used to make a form (on the right) and in the middle is the new part.

Everything is in order, nicely painted white - but the detail is a bit bigger and a little thicker as well. But this issue can be solved.

While travelling the cutter is a really necessary item. You just measure and cut and measure and cut and in the long run the result is – the right size.

One side is fixed. .


The other side also needs to be cut.

But in the end the second one has found the right place too. At least these pieces will not rust.

So - everything included – the sum was 2340 Argentina pesos or about 180 USA dollars.
The original parts would have cost 200 Euros per piece.

That`s all for now.

Continued ...

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