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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Buenos Aires Bus Tour

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As I hadn`t joined in any Bus Tour of Buenos Aires earlier, I decided to take one now.

Although I had driven around in the city quite lot, it is not the same. While self-driving - the main attention is paid at traffic and traffic lights. And to enjoy a real view of the city – the tourist bus is a good solution. And simple. A map of the city is given to the tourists as a present as well.

Another option toobtain an overview of the city would be to climb somewhere high, eg the local television tower, if there is one, and there is a viewing platform too, or choose just some higher building. My previous experiences with different coaches confirm that one should plan for the tour a whole day, as only one round lasts for more than 3 hours.


Traffic ...

The black and yellow cars are taxis

A mural – made of plants and flowers


A stop by the planetarium. Actually I visited it two years ago on a very rainy day. Then you just ran quickly out of the bus and later back. At the moment everything is much more colorful .

The planetarium is quite an interesting place to visit, it was built between 1962-1966 and more information can be found here:

The exhibition includes a piece of moon soil that was brought by the flight of Apollo XI and to the planetarium it was donated by Richard Nixon.



The metal image of the world of Copernicus is on a stone next to the Planetarium. Simple and clear. Nowadays - I mean. A good example of how the world views and attitudes change over time.



From here one can find a good idea of how to make with handy means a simple and hard-wearing car for travelling. And this kind could be easily repaired.

The midday traffic in the middle of the town


This kind of a sight can be seen for a number of times. "I'm going to walk your dog," is the name of the service, I guess.





While stopping at an intersection for a moment , for example, it is possible to buy ice cream or drink.

The next stop is La Boca, but more of that in the next post.

More pictures of the bus trip can be found here

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