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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hungary – Budapest

Day 6
11-01-2011 Evening
Hungary – Budapest
Total 1624 km
The parlament houses in Budapest. The Biggest building in Budapest and one of the biggest Parlament house in Europe.

I could not have all of it in one picture, so the only way would be to go to the iopposite side of the river.
And a view from the other side
The gray Doonau in January. Actually - the whole Budapest is gray at the moment because the temperature is a little above zero and the snow is melting gradually.
This is the memorial of the events of 1956. In october 1956 the students came to the streets to express opinions On November 6 the Soviet Army supressed it with much blood.
Here you can read about it.
These events were not spoken about when I was at school. The same as with Tsehoslovakkia
The next visit was to Budapest Zoo.
They were allowed to walk about free at the Zoo . No cage or fence whatever. Probably - they are of this kind of birds who will not run away. In Morocco they also walked free in the camping. and they like to make a very loud voice in early mornings.
And one more. Somehow it resembles to our squirrel but there is no tail and the size is different too.
Of course everybody knows rhat it is a polar bear, but somehow - it was really a huge one . Good that between us we had a glass wall, water and a kind of electric defence as well.
To summarize it - to visit the Zoo on warmer days - you should take at least a day . Just now most of the animals of warm countries didn`t show themselves.

While changing money at the bank they asked for my passport. I gave them my ID-card. They examined it from every angle then gave it back to me and still wanted my passport.

So they had it. Fortunately I have them with me all the time anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The larger Parliament House building is in Romania not Hungary. According to the World Records Academy, the Palace of Parliament (Bucharest/Romania)is the world's largest civilian building with an administrative function, most expensive administrative building and heaviest building. See here: