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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Erciyes Ski Resort

Day 18.
23-01-2011 Evening
Turkey, Göreme
Total 4403 km

Morning in Cappadocia. The sun is shining but the trees are bare, it is still January.


Morning in Cappadocia.the sun is shining but the trees are bare., it is still January.

Today I should have added here new pictures of Cappadocia, as I have got quite a lot of them, but actually I visited a place called Erciyes. Or Ercies Dagi in Turkish.It is the highest mountain in central Anatolia (3916 m). The Erciyes Ski Resort is built there.

A picture after arrival , when the sun was still shining.


A closer look.


In the glass house a model of the mountain has been exhibited



Now the prices: An elevator ride up is 9 lires. To reach the very top of the mountain one must use two elevators. So the descent down the mountain will cost 18 lires or about 9 euros. As I had not taken my skies with I borrowed skies and boots and I had a nice descending. So now I have been skiing in Turkey.

Some more words about tickets : If you have bought a ticket of 10 times descent, so every time you go up the mountain the ticket controller will make one more hole in the ticket.

But the peak is quite high and far. Looking up it seems much closer. But measured by GPS you will be taken to 2700 metres high. And the descent is 3 km ( back to 2100 m ).

Unfortunately going up the sun disapeared so the view was just the way it is here.




It was quite a long way down.
The rest of Cappadocia pictures are still waiting to be sorted out..

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