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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Slovakkia - Donovaly

Day 4
09-01-2011 Evening
Slovakia - Donovaly
Total 1378 km

The border of Slovakkia.
The landscape is changing more mountainous eventually.and the road is getting narrower and narrower. (road E 77).
And as it is not very interesting to drive in the mountains in the dark I noticed a sign - Free Parking. Good. More cool than that is to find a - Free Wifi

That was the sight in the morning - empty parking place, mountains in the distance and a skiing-centre

Up to the mountains to ski? Why not take the opportunity if it is so close and reachable! And I have never been skiing in Slovakkia! So carefully wrapped cameras into
a towel to avoid harm in case of my falling down and up to the mountain.

Up by an elevator. No queue, only a few people. There were only 1or 2 people who occupied the elevator which was meant for 6.

Wonderful sight! Not just Alps or Atlas, but just real mountains! But as to the snow - we have a lot more in Estonia this year

The video below is of skiing down. It is the second attempt to make a video. The first attempt ended with nothing because the camera was set "on photo" not "on video"
It happens. It has happened before and will happen in the future .The second attempt was more successful. As there was no helmet camera the usual camera was fixed between the rucksach stripes on my stomach and it worked.

Half-way downhill. Consirered that it`Sunday, really a few people only.

And no problem that somebody will push you or has no space to pass.

Besides skiing Centre there ia also Habahuky Theme Park. While going up there were strange buildings in sight. Later on they were seen more closely.

Just here between the jaws is the entrance

How to get euros from people? Let`s change euros to local money.

Local cats

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