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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Turkey – Silivri

Day 11

16-01-2011 Morning
Turkey, Silivri
Total 3004 km
Temperature 0, (+ 18 C in the daytime), it`s raining now

Yesterday was a long driving-day. The plan was to reach the border by noon but somehow it was quite dark when I reached the border.


The queue before the border was about 2-3 kilometres. The crossing of the border didn`t take much time, perhaps some 10 minutes.There was no problem at all to leave EU.

Only a quick check of the passport and car documents.

The Turkey`s border was really huge. It is said that the second biggest in the world. As the tourist season had not begun yet, only one gate was open and that was enough. This time only the passport was not enough, the fatherś name and insurance - green card were also necessary.. Fortunately the card issued in our country was valid. The data was registered and the next move was to drive to the Customs-check up area. There were about 7-8 cars waiting .It all took very little time, perhaps thanks to the EU number plate.

Just a look inside the car,and a good-journey wish . Some two hundred metres on and there it was - Welcome to Turkey!

And here - a long queue of lorries waiting. This picture that big lorries have stopped to spend the night at gas -stations was not met here. So I was driving on and on in the dark until GPS showed that it was only some hundred metres to the sea. So I slowed down, turned to the sea and just in this spot was the camping. Just the right timing.

It was raining hard at night and in the morning I had this view..:


With the help of this black cable I was not sleeping in the cold and darkness. And wifi was available. The sea of course didn`t invite to swim!


The birds were free to run about



The next destination is Istanbul.

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