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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bulgaria – Sofia 2

Day 9
14-01-2011 Evening
Bulgaria – Parking before Sofiat
Total 2478 km
Temp. +7

Today`s post has more tecnical content. So the ones liking landscapes and sighseeings pictures can safely omit it!

Today was spent in Sofia. As to the traffic - it was surprising to see that Daewoo Matiz was a taxi! In our place this kind of thing would not even be discussed .But actually it ia a nice little car and could be parked almost everywhere.


This is a picture after changing oil in a local work-shop. I didn`t climb under the car because there were many work-shops on the road. and it is always useful to have the car on the elevator and have a good look up at the bottom.

Already in Budapest I changed the fan because it is more beneficial and safer to drive in the mountains when the cooling fan is running all the time. It is said that follow the temperature indicator but usually it is too late already when the indicator is on the bottom. And in the mountains one must keep an eye on the road and many other things besides the temperature indicator.

This picture is taken before the exchange. In the foreground is the fixed fan, it rotates all the time when the motor is running. (Viscose has been drilled through and bolted in six places. At first it was with one and then with two bolts but still there was a a small backlash. With six bolts it worked for 30 thousand kilometres.

On the background is a new visco fan bought in Tunesia. . They didn`t want to sell it to me at first and said that perhaps I could not change it myself. And when I do managed to change it they said that if something went wrong I would blame them. The real idea probably was that this work will take them half a day. In the end they agreed to sell it to me for euros when I had taken off the old fan in less than 10 minutes. There was nothing complicated - the fan was fixed only with four bolts and the and the belt of the generator was to be let loose. It meant - two more bolts to turn loose. What else - the seat must also be moved!



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