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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Season 2 - South America

Buenos Aires, Tigre
58,360 km since the beginning of the journey

I'm not going to make a long introduction here - as there was no progress in writing in the meantime, nothing to do. Not because of anything has not happened, but rather on the contrary, all sorts of things are happening and too many changes too often. And in case there are too many activities in progress, then, at first you try to accomplish the necessities at first again and get the situation under control.

So I will continue to reflect the current situation, as by now I have reached the next continent, namely - South America, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentine.


The car reached from Cape Town to Buenos Aires in a container ship. To my knowledge the ship was supposed to reach the port on July 31. So – a week to wait and on Monday the container was opened. Inside my car – everything seemed to be in order.



l So, of course, the paper work took some time , but that`s natural. The most important document - The Car Temporary Admission document - was handed over to me , and that was all. I could go and drive.

Pies on sale

Street Musicians


City centre, Plaza del Congreso. This is an important place – it is a little difficult to read letters on the stone, but the following picture is a bit better.


Km. 0 – here the distances to other Argentine cities are measured.

That`s all by now. Better a short post, than to postpone writing again. It is necessary at first to find a place to overnight. At first glance, there choice was better in South Africa. Just now it is about 35 miles from the centre of the town. Here is electricity and the Internet but no water – it means – only salty water from the tap. As it is winter here it is raining almost every day, muddy all around and the temperature +12to +16 degrees

What's next?
"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

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