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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Day 554,
59 163 km since the beginning of the journey
Argentina, Rosario.

The Memorial of the National Flag of Argentina is situated in Rosario, by the Parana River, as just here, on February 27, 1812 the flag was hoisted for the first time.


The complex was opened on June 20, 1957, on the day of death anniversary of the designer of the flag - Manuel Belgrano - and consists of three parts. The 70-meter high Tower or Torre is seen already from the distance and visitors can reach the top by the lift and enjoy the view from the observation deck.


A view to The Parana River and city.

Here is the description of the rest of the two parts from Wikipedia. wikipedia.

The Monumento has three parts: the Tower (Torre) or mast, 70 metres high, which commemorates the Revolution of May 1810 and houses Manuel Belgrano's crypt in its base; the Civic Courtyard (Patio CĂ­vico), which symbolizes the effort of the organization of the state (the Courtyard is used for massive open-air shows), and the Triumphal Propylaeum (Propileo Triunfal), representing the Nation as organized after the 1853 Constitution.

There is no shortage of photographers
On the other side of the river you will notice one more monument - the images of the two very important islands for Argentina.



Under the Propylaeum there is the Honour Room for the Flags of America (where the flags of all American nations are displayed).

First - a large flag of Argentina

And then the rest of the national flags of America in alphabetical order. And in addition behind the glass one can see the coat of arms, the national anthem, the national flower and a box full of soil of each state.



The Spanish flag finishes the left line of the flags and the Columbus ship is exhibited there too.

A part of Antarctic administrative field belonging to Argentina, it is probably correct to say so.

Tha flag of Argentina at the back of the hall.

The right line of the flags starts with the picture of Christopher Columbus, the famous Italian, and with the Flag of Italy.


And outside again.


In the end - a little about weather. A few days ago it was raining particularly heavily and a quick search of the Internet showed that this downpour had been the heaviest rain of the last 50 years. So to speak – also an outstanding and important event. And 8 a.m. it was only +7 degrees outside, although the sun was shining.

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