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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Botswana, Maun

So – time to write again.

The first issue of attraction is about 90 kilometers from the border of Namibia –Botswana - Tsodilo Hills - which is Botswana's first and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site. Worth to visit. I turn to the side road and give a lift to four locals who are standing by the road and waving their hands and it comes out that they wish to go to the same village. Later I learned that there is no public transport to the village. So there is 40 kilometers of extremely dusty and slightly uneven village road, then there is the village and next to it - the mountains.

Should be the right place. No signpost or any label in sight, but the locals show me the right direction. A sandy trail takes to the main entrance. There is not anybody there. But the gate was unlocked and fresh tracks of car wheels on the road – what else to do than open the gate and drive on.

About 5 kilometers away there is a small museum, an overnight site and some guides waiting for the visitors.


The number of rock paintings or petroglyphs here is more than 4500.
Some are very well preserved.

Some are not so clear to distinguish,but here one can see a penguin and whales. Otherwise, nothing strange, but this place is 1500 km from the ocean. And consequently at that time people made extremely long journeys.

Hollows in the rock - the guide explained that spearheads were sharpened here before going hunting.

Another interesting formation of peculiar shape - Africa?

Meanwhile, the tracks on the sand indicate to a snake. The guide looks around and announces that probably - the Black Mamba. Probably? A few hundred meters away there is another trail, and not very small at all. So from here we move quickly on without seeing the snake. This is a very wrong place to meet Mamba here, but that does not mean that somewhere there is the right place. Later, reading information about the reptiles in Tsodilo mountains I learn that Rock Phyton, which is much bigger than Mamba should live here as well, and as much as I know – is not poisonous.

The overnight place next to the museum is free

The next morning we make one more tour in the mountains. The name of the track is "Cliff Trail",

Botswana landscape.


Tire repair.

And one more barrier.

This time it is a longer stop, because all the car lights will be checked . But everything is in order and finally I am allowed to move on.




Now the normal procedure of each new country - looking for and buying the local SIM card for the internet. The operation takes less than two hours this time. One hour for finding the appropriate agency and then half hour in a queue.


The service provider activates the card, adds the airtime, and then converts it to the data-time and that's resolved by that time.


Next - some pictures of nature.



On the driveway any elephant is always privileged.

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