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Monday, August 20, 2012

Buenos Aires, some more pictures

Day 549
Buenos Aires, a waterfront parking lot
58 714 km since the beginning of the journey.

I`ve changed my overnight place. The Tigre Camping Place was quite a nice place, but still 30 km away from the town, it takes more than an hour to reach the town. And not only for the time spent on driving , but simply because it is time to move on. And as the rainy weather does not show any signs of coming to an end somehow, it will be necessary to find a drier area. I met some Germans, who had been travelling in South America for 8 months and they only had had two days of rain. Made me speechless.

Another kind of Buenos Aires. Viewed from motorway which leads to the centre of town.

And one more picture. After a week of practice it is possible now even in this town to turn the steering wheel with one hand and take pictures with the other. It's about time.

A candy-seller in the middle of the street. The picture was taken behind the traffic lights while waiting for the green light.

Another picture. Another place behind the traffic lights. During the red light juggling with balls is in progress between the cars. Just now - a moment of rest.

And one more. At the obelisk.







There are more all sorts of cool places in town than a tourist can visit. "Floralis Generica " is a steel and aluminum flower, a height of 23 meters. The sculpture was completed in 2002.

The training ship "ARA Presidente Sarmiento" was built in 1897 and is now a museum. This ship is absolutely worth a separate post, but I'm not going to promise anything just now. Only a few facts: the ship has been visited by the German Emperor Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and the ship took part in the opening of the Panama Canal.

Buenos Aires, it's raining

The next overnight place is practically in the centre of the town. Just a car parking lot, having 24-hour surveillance and pointed out by several overlander`s blogs. The main thing is to have a safe place to sleep, water and toilets are also available here. The first night was rainy.

In the morning it is raining as well. But you just push the back door hatch open and look directly to the sea. Just like some Estonians dream - a house in the centre of the town, in a private spot and by the sea. From somewhere I remembered a similar phrase

Preparation for coffee making. But from this picture it is really good to see why it is useful to have a back door that opens up. Pros – prevents from the rain here and in Africa from the sun. Cons - nothing could be fixed to the door – such as a bicycle or a spare tyre. Too heavy.

If there are two rear doors, which open on the sides, you can have all sorts of useful stuff there, for example, cans, spare tyre etc. It takes time and imagination to find the most convenient place for every item. Life shows that everything that is handy to the passers-by, tends gradually to change hands.



To be continued...

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