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Friday, February 25, 2011

Temple of Horus

51-th day
25-02-2011 Evening

The Edfus Horus templeis one of the best preserved temples in Karnak and the second largest temple in Egipt. It was built during Ptolemaios time from 237 BC to 57 BC. Read more in Wikipedia 

The temple is dedicated to Horos, to God who is embodied in ruling varhaos and whose granit tomb symbols are guarding the entrance of the temple.

The first pylon is 79 m wide and 36 m high.

A little closer.

In this place once Horodes`s sacred boat was kept.

Driving towards Aswani it was seen that there were somehow more people than usually. Never mind that it is Friday today and a rest day here. A month ago the Egiptian revolution which ended by throwing off the president, began in Tahiri square but today, on February 25 there are again some thousand people protesting because the reforms are not progressing fast enough.

From here further down I couldn`t manage to drive freely. The road goes to Abu Simbel but further on it was not possible to go. Until now there was no need of conway but now one cannotg drive to Abu Simbel without convoy.

The current plan is – somehow try to go to Abu Simbel tomorrow, because while going to Sudan the ship will leave for Sudan on Monday. There is land border betwee Sudan and Egipt but actually one can go from Egipt to Sudan only by boat and it leaves once a week, every Monday. And of course, it is possible to go by plane. Let`s see.

And it seems that the charging of the laptop has met a problem , because for a long time it showed that the fillment was 4 % but fortunately now it seems to be O.K.

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