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So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. --- Mark Twain

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Egypt – White Desert

46-th day
Egiptus, Dakhla Oaas
9384 km from the beginning of the journey.

Yesterday night was spent in the White Desert. Right on time when it became darker there was the sign „White Desert National Park.“


For dinner for a change I had Estonian soup called „Salvesti Seljanka“. I had it four cans with me. It`s home-like and will be prepared quickly.

It was growing dark. So the soup was ready and I prepared to eat it calmly. Calmly in this sense that there were neither flies nor mosquitoes. But while eating I felt with my „sixth sense“ that there was a someone nearby. And so it was. A light –grey desert fox about 5 metres away. So it had been the smell of the food that had brought it there. And somehow it was not really afraid of a human being because when I had stood up it just moved 3-4 metres away and tried to approach from an another side. So much about having a quiet meal – instead – keep the fox away!

It was a pity while eating my camera was not at hand, but later I tried to make some pictures in the dark. And in the dark it was not easy to distinguish the gray fox but it still remained in a couple a pictures.

So that`s what it was like.


And it was calm while I made pictures.


And finally the fox left, probably understood that no chance of getting any food.


Fortunately the morning was sunny, the camp site.


Under the shadow of stone mushrooms.


In the meantime – harder soil, a real „White Desert“


Vahepeal oli ka kõvemat pinnast – tõeline “Valge Kõrb”.

No more pictures now because in the desert there was even no cell phone connection, and here, in Dakla Oasis , there sometimes is GPRS and sometimes isn`t.

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