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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahariya Oasis

Day 44
Egypt, Bahariya Oasis (Bawiti)   
Total  8887 km

I left Cairo in the morning. It wasn´t so bad to drive out of town. Just a little bit of looking for the right direction and some pushing and signalling at a local bus-station and after half an hour there it was - the border of the town. The direction was southwest this time, just to visit the western desert oases. While driving briefly a gas-station was noticed by the road and it reminded me that it was necessary to make a stop at the next gas station. The tank must be full, and some more to be stored. One has to drive long distances up to 300 kilometres in the desert. Surely to make a stop at the next gas- statton. But no next gas-station in sight. Already 30 kilometres ot of town and still – no gas-station. So I turned around because there should be no driving on only with 40 litres in the tank.

Back to the first surburb - a full tank and 2 canisters as well. So it would make 1000 km for sure. No idea what is waiting ahead and how often there are the gas-stations by the road. It seems that not very often.

There are no pictures now because there is no wifi here and just the personal connection over GPRS. So the desert pictures will be exposed later.

While arriving and buying food it turned out that one could buy everything that is see at the shop . But my intention had been to buy onion and that was not in sight on the counter. The word „onion“ did not cause any recognition-happiness and I was offered cookies instead. Then I tried to draw an onion but the response was a can of tuna-fish. So back to the car then back to the shop with the dictionary – and here it is – „onion „ in Arabian is „basal“ or „basaal“. The stress on the first „a“. So the onion was bought and my drawing was left at the shop for remembrance of the purchase.

I`ll try to add a picture.


Black Desert is not far away any more

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