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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giza Pyramids

Day 43
Egypt, Cairo
Total 8449 km

The plan for today was to visit the Egyptian Museum but it is closed because it was looted during the protests. So instead of that - the Pyramids. So in the morning to start the car and go for a ride. I was recommended to take a taxi but then the experience of driving about in town would be lost.
Fortunately there were decent signposts and it was only less than 10 kilometres to the Pyramids. A little bit of pushing and signalling and there they were – the Pyramids. Now it was necessary to find a place for parking and I succeeded quite nicely. Having arrived there I was suggested to use the camel butI I had made uo my mind to walk around on foot. No queue in the ticket-office, security check -up the same as at the airport , which means that everything - my wallet, dimes, phone and everything else was x-rayed. And there they were – the Pyramids.
And at once one of the guides snatched my ticket and headed to a larger square, the horses and camels already waiting there. Insisting that the territory was too big for walking and surely one must take a camel or a horse. So this big territory was supposed to be 7 kilometres – just suitable for a walk before lunch. And fortunately, today there is no whirls of sand, so the best chance – for a couple of an hours walk.
Well, the lack of tourists means also local unemployment, that`s how they make their living. And now there has been several weeks of drought.
The pyramids as they are – anyway - a photo taken by myself.


From one side and from the other side. But to get the whole picture one needs to move some distance away.



And again and again somebody appears behind of a stone to show the better angle for shooting and immediately asks a tip for that advice.


That is the next stop – and - accomodation place. In the picture below - genuine and authentic Egiptian water supply.


It appears out of the ground and goes somewhere. And in the shower it is warm (NB!) water.

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