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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


07.01.2015 – 08.01.2015

The city was founded in 1715, and the original name of it was Villa Santa Rita. The current name of Chilecito (Little Chile) came from the fact that many of the miners from Chile came here to work.
The Dakar was to make a stop here , but there was no official place for onlookers and I reached there in complete darkness.
Since the last fifty kilometers were driven in the dark and in the mountains, where the construction of a new road was currently in progress , it was safer to drive in such a speed that would provide the arrival in a single piece.

Quite a number of times I thought about to turn a little aside to overnight and continue driving in the morning, but this "aside" meant that on one side there was a mountain and on the other side – a dark valley , and the width of the road was about 3 meters. And earlier in Peru, when I was in the area of road construction in the dark - I was taught that it was not advisable to stop on the side of the mountains.

 And all the road constructions will once come to an end and further on there is decent road already. But in the camping site there were two Dakar-labeled vehicles – but for this year their Dakar had ended

It was said by the people in the camping site that the smaller machine had had some engine problems and further participating of the rally had become impossible.

For me it was an opportunity to have a closer look at the rally car. Perhaps can get any useful ideas that could be applied to my car as well.


Spare tires.

The shovel has been fixed with rubber bands. A relatively solid solution.

The lower end of the shovel is in its socket too.

Sand-plates. These are the two of them. Somehow there is a feeling that these things while driving, will be shaking in their proper place. In fact, there is still room for two.

The lower holder of Hi-lift . Life has taught me that the lower end of it should be protected from dust and dirt. Otherwise, it may happen having lifted the car up it does not want to come down again.

The upper fastening of the Hi-lift.

Now – about the town.

Chilecito is located by the famous Ruta 40, and the corresponding logo is on the walls of the houses as well as on a variety of souvenirs.


Central Square.


One can use free wifi in the Central Square and sometimes it is connected to the Internet. You can write a blog and try to upload.

As a young citizen has just got his first drum nothing turns out of writing in the camping.

Another caravan with unique paintings.

The map of Ruta 40 has been stuck on the other side. The road is over 5,000 kilometers long , and takes through 20 national parks, the highest place in Abra del Acay is almost 5000 m altitude.

Cristo del Portezuelo and a staircase of 200 steps.

On both sides of the staircase are terraces with different cacti...


... and with local symbols. Huayrapuca should be in the Quechua language “The god of The Wind” or “The Red Wind”.

Nandu – In the Aymara and Quechua languages the name is Suri.

More cacti,





Here, up there is a light breeze and a great view over the city.


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