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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carretera Austral, Day 4.

Day 785, 13.04.2013,
87 344 km, since the beginning of the journey
The route: Puerto Rio Tranquilo - Bahia Exploradoes - Puerto Rio Tranquilo - El Canelo (234 km)

Local church in Puerto Rio Tranquilo ...

and the main street - Carretera Austral. This image should have been added actually to the post of Marble Caves as the possibility of visiting the caves is offered here all the time.

Still - it is the region's largest tourist attraction although the season is already over and the doors of the stalls are closed
Exploradores Glacier. The map says that this bigger glacier is next to the road of X-728 . So to enjoy it – off from the main road.

Mountains and waterfalls.


In 75 kilometres the road comes to an end again. There is no bridge now - so further up to Bahia Exploradores cannot be reached from here...

On the other side of the river, of course, the road continues. Up to a small harbour could be about 10 km of road. I'll turn around and start slowly to drive back as the road is bumpy enough.

Glaciar Exploradores. On the way back I will visit the glacier. It is quite close to the road, the ticket seller says that about 15 minutes walk.

At first the trail takes through the forest and then on between the stones up the hill. 15 minutes of climbing and I have reached the viewing platform.

The glacier is kilometres away, but at least could be seen through the rain and fog. On sunny weather the sight would have been quite different, but it is April now, that means like October in the northern hemisphere.
On the other side there is a valley created by the glacier.

More colourful autumn.

Finally, I reach back to the main road and begin to drive northwards. It took almost five hours to cover 150 kilometres.

The road is slightly sloppy, meanwhile, it has been raining again. Within a couple of kilomeres there is a car by the road, wheels toward the sky. And three men by the car. All signs indicate that the accident has happened recently, maybe five or maximum 10 minutes ago. I make a stop and ask if any help is needed. One of the men is a local and the other two are from Germany. Fortunately nobody is injured and the men have got out of the vehicle on their own. And they confirm that in general everything is ok. I do not know, somehow I do not feel right to drive on as everything seems not to be in order. At least in my opinion. And it will be dark here about an hour and there is no cell phone coverage here as well.
I offer them the opportunity to pull the car on the wheels at least. After all, I have all the necessary equipment for this procedure.

I'll drive the bus closer to the car and pull their car back on wheels. In the meantime some other cars have stopped and promised to send help.

The road goes uphill, it is getting darker and there is nearly 30 kilometres of wet mountain road up to the next inhabited point - Cerro Castillo.

Rule 1 – In the dark – no driving in the mountains. It is high time to choose an overnight place. And that chosen place turns out to be a small road leading to the river.

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