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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carretera Austral, Day 3.

Day 784, 12.04.2013,  
87 710 km, since the beginning of the journey
The Journey: Villa O'Higgins - Rio Bravo - Puerto Yungay - Cochrane - Puerto Rio Tranquilo (325 km).
In the morning I went to the gas station, as generally around here the tank should be filled at every opportunity, and started my way back.

The road was familiar, but driving the other way around it is still somehow different.


Initially it seemed that 3 hours will do (less than 100 kilometres), but in the meantime you make stops and try to shoot something and in the end I was quite in a hurry of reaching the ferry. In such a hurry that having reached there the ramp was raised immediately and off we went.


A small church in Puerto Yungay. And there are no more there than a couple of houses and a road-builders camping site.



One of the many places where you just make a stop and enjoy all the wild and almost untouched nature around.

Next - the climate is changing again and the sun is coming out. And the road begins to dust.

I'm not going to write about dust. This dust here is a completely special phenomenon, and since the bus is not dustproof, it takes every night some time to remove the dust.




Another descent before the bridge. And here someone has met an accident.

The packages of Fanta and Coca are on the road. The loading of the cargo is carried on. It was almost dark when I reached back at Puerto Rio Tranquilo. The last twenty kilometres of the road were already familiar and the place is quite OK


Marek said...

Hello, I noticed there are no windows that could be opened in the back of the truck. How did you cope with the hot weather? Do you have a roof vent, or did you just use the front windows?

Tarmo said...

Hi! There are no back windows and no roof vent, I use front windows, its ok.

Marek said...