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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carretera Austral, Day 10.

Day 791, 19.04.2013
88 280 since the beginning of the journey,
Route: Hornopiren – Puerto Montt (112 km).

The settlement of Hornopireni through the morning mist.


And the port in the morning light.

In the courtyard of the hostel, overlooking the sea.


The ferry has arrived and is waiting for passengers wishing to go southwards.

Here the tickets are sold right in port. And the schedule says that during the day there is only one ferry. It is more than 100 kilometres to Puerto Montt and one more ferry-ride is waiting ahead. I reach over and the ferry is just there waiting.

The distance between Puelche and La Arena is 6 kilometres and one can find a number of choices for the time of departure. The price of the ticket is 14 thousand and the bus goes to the category of "Furgon".


Another low-flying pelican.

Port of La Arena. Further on the road takes to Puerto Montt. The last part of the road is so smooth that don`t remember to take pictures.

Reaching Puerto Montt means reaching the beginning of Carretera Austral as well. Another legendary road has been covered from beginning to the end.

For clarity – a hand-drawn map of the roads and sidetracks of the 10 day journey.

As to the condition of the road – in some places it could be better- but that was not important at all - what really matters is the area, everything all around, all these mountains and glaciers and rain forests (and the rain between the collar) and natural parks.

And other attractions, such as the Marble Caves.

In the future by the year 2040 there is a plan to extend the road from Puerto Yungay up to Tierra del Fuego, through more wild region like the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, it would be almost another 1,000 km of roads and up to 9 ferry links. Wikipedia Promises to be even a more interesting journey. In the future.

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