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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zambia, Victoria Falls

The morning of the 321-st day of the journey in a camping site near Livingston began with the issue that the monkeys stole all the white bread meant for my breakfast. Again. I guess I was about 5 meters away But my own fault, there is no need to leave something out. And last night the guards had advised me to take everything edible and also inedible - such as the camping table and chair, into the car, because the elephants were known to linger around in the dark. It was very polite of them to warn me because on the road and also on the lawn there were odd dark piles. And not of unknown origin.

The number one attraction in Livingstone and in Zambia is definitely Victoria Falls, located on the River of Zambezi (known in the local language as Mosi-oa-Tunya, The Smoke That Thunders). The Zambezi River is Africa's fourth longest (2674 km, the first three are - the Nile, Congo and Niger River). Tonga Zambezi means "Great River" in the local language.

The height of the Falls is 105 meters, it is higher than Niagara Falls, which is 51 meters. Impressive is the length of the cascade - 1,707 meters, or nearly two kilometers.

Victoria_Falls (67)

The waterfall is located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Here you can see a small part of the waterfall and the pedestrian bridge, which is located in the Zambian side. In the top left there is the big bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was designed in England, the construction took 14 months and the bridge was ready by 1905. One can see a small part of the waterfall in the right side.

To describe this view with one word then perhaps – “overwhelming” should be the most appropriate. Cliffs on both sides and the falling water. And this place is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Victoria_Falls (3)

A pedestrian bridge. Today it is possible to get over with dry foot, but when there is more water the wind is blowing from the Falls then one can get soaking wet.

Victoria_Falls (178)

No further - because the river is ahead. Zambia is on the right and Zimbabwe is on the left. To have a look at the whole waterfalls one should go to Zimbabwe.

Victoria_Falls (72)

Back and up to the waterfall, to have both bridges on one image. And here one can go close to the edge as there is nobody to forbid. And no fence either. Only in case of going over the edge - 100 metres of free fall will be waiting ahead.

Victoria_Falls (115)

There is also possibility to climb down to have a closer look at the Zambes river. But this option is only in Zambia.

Victoria_Falls (107)

Picture of half the way downwards. On both sides there is green rain forest. The advantage of the rainy season is that all around is beautiful and green and everything in nature is growing.


The bridge linking Zambia and Zimbabwe from above.

Victoria_Falls (63)

Dr. David Livingstone, the first European who came to the waterfall on November 17, 1855, and named the place in honor of Queen Victoria.

Victoria_Falls (148)

And of course, there is a souvenir market there as well. Active trade is in full swing, and our salesmen could learn here quite a lot.
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