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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zambia, Evening guests

Wildlife - this time smaller specimens that are moving and flying around everywhere. The earth is full of ants, they know how to bite and up from the trees some kind of smaller creatures are falling down between the collar. Usually the first reaction is to get this "somebody" quickly out from between the collar before the stinging or biting, or some chewing begins, and only later the idea that a picture of the insect should have been taken comes to the mind , but it is usually too late then.

Some, however, are captured. This one looks out like an advertisement of Lipton tea, but never mind.



On a larger scale.


Then another two-centimeter one flew on the keyboard.


Camping at night by the river of Luangwa...

… and in Lusaka.

And some bites of the insect do not want to recover, perhaps because outside is hot and humid, rainy season has begun, after all.

And in the end here is a blurry image of a spider. With a guitar box.


I've previously seen this kind of large spiders only in zoos, there you just have a look at them in the glass box and walk on with a sure feeling that in Estonia they are not running around freely. But it does run surprisingly quickly.

Life has shown that the camera should always be with, anywhere, because all of a sudden something unique could come in front of the lens.

Here probably someone is too lazy to look for a victim but is waiting for the very right moment.


Continued .

About Victoria Falls, David Livingstone and the town named after him in the next posts.

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