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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Burundi Drummers

Burundi, Gishora

If you visit this small African country and can visit only one place or one event , then as to my experience – I will recommend to watch the show of Burundi Drummers in Gishora.

While arriving at Burundi in the evening the first place that the ethnic drums were heard, was the beach of Saga and it lasted probably less than 10 minutes. As I reached there by the time that most of the show was over already. And as the reason I was at that beach was looking for an overnight place so , of course , the cameras were in the car and no pictures.

The next day, having spoken about drummers in BurundiTour tourist company, their suggestion was to visit the drum-players in Gishora, those drummers were said to be the most original and the most true ones. And having the best show. The local players and imitators were said to be met at every town.



Bienvenuea Gishora.

Site Historique de Gishora is situated in the middle of Burundi, about twenty kilometres north of Gitega, the second largest city of Burundi.


The way there is the usual reddish uncovered African road. Such that is drivable in dry seasons to all kind of vehicles, when they move slowly enough.


First pictures – the drums are taken out , the performers are dressing.


And the children are gathering to see white tourists, white people are still rare in this country.


But now some pictures and videos about the event. The performance is superb and hard to describe, it is said that one picture is worth more than a thousands words, and so it is.







And one video too. About the beginning of the concert – they are coming - drums on their heads.

No more videos here, but in youtube there are five videos of the event.

No more pictures added now, as the net-speed is quite poor. Good to have these uploaded somehow.


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