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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rwanda, Gorillas

Mountain gorillas.

Rwanda_Gorillas (4)

Those wonderful animals can be met only in three countries – Uganda, Rwanda and Democratlic Republic of Congo. By now there are less than 800 of them left in the world.
The impuls to visit Mountain Gorillas came from the film „Gorillas in the Mist“ (watched a long time ago), in the leading role starring Signourney Weaver.


The first instruction - not to go closer to the animals than 7 metres . The visitors were instructed to consider that. As to the Gorillas – they know nothing about this 7 metres, of course.


The presentation of the soon-visited Sabyinyo group.


A path in the potatoe field towards the mountains.


Later in the rain forest – a view upward.


And it is always useful to look down as well. Looks like an earthworm, but as all the trees here are 5 times higher , so the earthworm `s length was about 40 cm and diameter probably 1 cm. Good that I didn`t step on it, perhaps in response it would have attacked.

And that`s how they looked like.

Rwanda_Gorillas (2)

Rwanda_Gorillas (3)

Rwanda_Gorillas (5)

Very good that they are herbivores.

Rwanda_Gorillas (6)

Rwanda_Gorillas (7)

And then it happened that the huge Silverback began to move towards the people, waited a bit until the path was made free for him , and then marched on and passed us probably a metre and a half away from us. Then just threw himself down on the ground, scratched himself with pleasure and put his leg over the knee, just like a human being.

Rwanda_Gorillas (8)

Rwanda_Gorillas (9)

Rwanda_Gorillas (10)

Rwanda_Gorillas (13)

Rwanda_Gorillas (1)


Rwanda_Gorillas (12)

And they almost paid no attention to people. Of course they were used to it that every day people come to watch them and take pictures and make videos of them. Fortunately the visiting time is limited to one hour.

An overnight place in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

And this kind of animals live in the hedge. They should be chameleons , but I am not very sure of it.


The official name of this big bird has not been found from internet yet , but here is the moment that he is coming to peck the cameraman and the locals again are keeping him away.



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