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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Briefly in Estonia

Day 262
28 108 km since the beginning of the journey

In fact this post is written in Tanzania, Mwansa, by the lake of Victoria. As there was a two-week break of the adventures in Africa and first it included the flight : Bujumbura – Kigali – Nairobi - Amsterdam – Tallinn.


It meant sitting on an airplane for 18 hours . First – Kenyan Airways.


Stopover in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.


Estonian Air.

Why this sudden return? There were a lot of different reasons. Another new additional passport was necessary, as the number of empty pages was declining with every new stuck visa and the number of pages in the passport is not endness. Far from that - there are only 12 pages for visas in our new dark-red passport. The back cover page could also be used, but still what`s new is new.

And a new ID-card was necessary and a new Digi-ID, and these items cannot be sent by post here. And the further one drives to the south the longer the distance to fly back. And some more smaller and larger things, that could not been arranged via internet, had to be to fixed.

But in the end - there was at least one more day needed, as it usually happens before exams.
The return flight was early in the morning of October 4, Tallinn – Amsterdam – Nairobi – Bujumbura.

While boarding the plane the new and empty passport was examined and for the visa of Burundi was asked to see. Actually – the Burundi visa is issued at the border. And this means – the three-day transit visa and also the usual month-long visa. And the visas are issued either at the land border-crossings or at the airport.

Important! Disclaimer! All information here is based on personal experience and is not official info.

From Amsterdam to Kenya by KLM. This time no pictures of Africa from the altitude of more than 10 km. , as didn`t succeed to have a seat by the window. And while receiving the 3-day Burundi transit visa no questions whatever were asked.

Subtotal – 262 days, 28 108 kilometres and 22 countries.

If you are able to read this - then it means that Vodacom 3G Internet card, bought in Tanzania, works. Actually it is 0,03 G, but why explain – one picture says more than a thousand words.


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