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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tanzania - Olduvai Gorge

Written in Arusha, on the next day after visiting Ngorongoro Conservation Area .

Young Masai by the side of the road.


In contrast to the cities around, here it is much easier to take pictures of local residents , as they almost demand having been photographed, and of course for a small fee.

In any case, tourism is an important source of income for the residents of the region.







Savannah – according to maps and GPS, this sandy track should be be one of the two roads leading to Olduvai Museum.



Valley and Olduvai Museum are noteworthy, because here human fossilized footprints of the oldest forebears of mankind were discovered and that`s why it is also called the cradle of humanity (The Cradle of Mankind).

3.6 million years ago the nearby volcano Sadiman burst, the ash fell on the ground, then it rained and the three human ancestors of mankind walked over the wet ash field (or mud field), their traces fossilized and have remained till nowadays.


Exhibition at the Museum - a vision of the events of that time by a modern artist - in the foreground - a copy of the fossilized footprints .


3.6 million years old, the oldest known.


And just below the photo on the display - there is a photo of another historical footprint. Neil Armstrong on the moon.



View at the Ngorongoro crater.


Dusty roads. The main vehicle for transporting tourists was Toyota Landcruiser.


And then a small bus approached . Superman does not use Landcruiser.Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


Masai at the next stopping place. The place to stay in nature parks or in the so-called "Public Campsite" is usually just a place where you can put up your tent. Any kind of everyday facilities are the minimum. Usually there is a shower with cold water, or, more lukewarm water and toilets (without water).

At night it began to rain and the temperature at 7 o`clock in the morning was +13 degrees .


And the roads that just yesterday had been normal and dry, had changed just enough slippery as of all that red dust had turned into red and sticky mud.

For a change some pictures of more rainy Tanzania.



Such a narrow and devious path led down from the side of the crater.


And after driving out of the park there was the beginning of a decent road again.


Sugar bought in Arusha - and there was a label next to it that said that only 2 kilos were sold per person. Looks familiar somehow....


A good, simple and strong Overland Truck. And attached to the front bumper or the bumper was....


... stationary vise. It saves a lot of time, as it is immediately at hand and no need to take it out from a box when necessary.

And in the bar of the camp site under the TV - set this kind of a label caught the eye.


So here is too: "no action"

The only unexpected "action" of local and personal importance is the issue that once again the lock of the back door needs cleaning up. It is full of red and thin African dust and refuses to be closed. And it is not a particularly smart idea to ride the door open. It is probably now the third time during this trip, that this kind of cleaning must be done.

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