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Saturday, February 8, 2014

One More Technical Post .

03.02.2014 – 07.02.2014
Salta, Argentina

And by Monday night all the spare parts , ordered from Paraguay, had arrived as promised.



In addition - new clamps for brake pad.

This part is not an original, but definitely will withstand for some time. The previous ones would have also survived about twenty thousand kilometers, if only I had driven along smooth roads, but sometimes - no chance to find any road of that kind. And as to the front axle - it is generally better to change as many parts as possible at a time - so that one shaky piece will not break up again the others. Just to do things once and properly.
The new-made radiator. Made in Argentina. Exactly the right dimensions.

The quality of the Diesel fuel is different here. Sometimes it can be quite decent, and sometimes when driving - the force is completely gone.

At first you can blame the engine but actually – it is the fault of the poor quality of diesel. And it will be ok with the next tank of fuel again.

The disassembled separator. The water in the fuel would have been being collected here, but here you can find anything else.

On the bottom there was thick brown stuff.

The brake cylinders are in place.


The repair-shop. Work is progressing, slowly, but still progressing. Meanwhile, there are other vehicles being repaired and then mine – again. The main thing is that everything will be in the right place and neatly and firmly fixed.

New bushes

Here, too, some welding is needed, however, it is recommended to have the welding issues done either in Bolivia or Peru, the price is more favorable there. Especially in Bolivia

The radiator will take its place.

The Lockheed brake fluid. Bought in Tanzania.

And finally the car is moving. First - two blocks away and about half an hour later everything is completed.

Next, the route goes to the welding – service that has specialized mainly on production of mufflers.

The rear part of that muffler has been repaired quite a number of times, probably once every six months and this time it will be changed.

The new muffle. An hour later everything is fixed and ok. And finally - some more pictures of cars.

A hand-made number plate.




Fiat should be probably from the year of 1967.


Friday night has come and for the weekend a test drive in the nearby mountains is on schedule In the meantime, I was wondering whether to write so much about these repair issues but they are still a part of the journey. What moves also wears out and what it worn out will soon not move any more. Looking at the speedometer quite a long distance has already been covered.

C'est la vie !


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