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So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. --- Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

400.000 km

119 047 km since the beginning of the journey,
Ruta 52, Argentina,
(GPS S23 41.626 W065 42.854).

Just a nice round number, with many zeroes, and almost an anniversary.


I will stop for a moment, take a picture of the speedometer, and then walk across the road to get for the archive some images of the bus as well.

Thinking back - then the previous round numbers in the speedometer were in Kenya in 2011, just a few kilometers after crossing the equator.

Crossing the equator for the first time. It was May 17, 2011. 999 days ago.

Coincidence ? Or by chance? Certainly coincidence as well - as the average travel speed is 100 km per day. On some days there is more driving and on others days less, and some days are just car -free days. Or car-free weeks.

Because it is not important to count kilometers, but most important are all these interesting and beautiful places that could be visited and enjoyed while covering these kilometers.

310 000 km, 19.10.2011 (Day 271), Tanzania, Tanga, Peponi Beach.

320 000 km, 10.01.2012 (Day 354), South Africa, on the way to Pretoria.

330 000 km, 20.03.2012 (Day 424), Namibia, Kolmanskopp Ghost Town.

340 000 km, 24.08.2012 (Day 553), Argentina, Rosario

350,000 km, 26.11.2012 (Day 647), Brazil Sao Jose dos Campos

360 000 km, 04.01.2013 (Day 686), Argentina Peninsula Valdes.

370 000 km, 4/29/2014, (Day 801), Chile, Osorno Cathedral.

380 000 km, 09.07.2014 (Day 872), Preuu, Abankay is down in the valley.

390 000 km, 26.10.2014 (Day 981), Brazil, Transamazonica.

400 000 km, 02/09/2014 (Day 1087), Argentina Salinas Grandes.


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