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Saturday, August 3, 2013


The Journey : Copacabana (Bolivia ) - Yunguyo - Puno (Peru ), 143 km
The Border of Peru - Bolivia.

Leaving Bolivia is nothing extraordinary. Passport control will add one more stamp, the customs will take away the document of temporary import of the car, and asks something about fuel. In Bolivia the fuel is almost 3x cheaper than in nearby countries.

 Then the next South American country of Peru is ahead. Here formalities take also no time at all. Immigration - and then the vehicle insurance. Farther- on the wall of a shop "Welcome to Peru".

Ten meters further there was another check-point.
There is a rope across the road. Police. I thought they control the border crossing stamps and car documents, but they wanted to see the car insurance. And I did not have insurance covering Peru, it was planned to be bought, if possible, at the border or in the first big city, Puno

As I could not buy the insurance at the spot I explained to them that I would drive to Puno that is 130 kilometres away and buy the insurance there. Having discussed the issue for some time I got my documents back and „Welcome to Peru“.

At Puno I went to look for the insurance company called La Positiva. that was supposed to be four blocks away (Calle Deustua 299). It was. Information has been obtained by mototourists: forum and the site showed that my vehicle insurance is even less expensive - insurance for one month is 60 soli - i,, and 3 months insurance is going to cost 80 soli ( 21 EUR). I did three months insurance. So much for car insurance in Peru at the moment.

Now later I have found out that SOAT – could be bought from almost any branch of of a bank


And it's not really a very important matter, because...

 The important thing is that I am now in the third largest country of South America. The country has an area of 1,285,216 km2, and when compared with European countries, then Peru is bigger than France, Spain and Portugal together. Or, as compared to our closest neighbors, then more than 4 Polands.

And here it is really so much to see and admire and enjoy!.


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