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So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. --- Mark Twain

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Day 915
100 581 km since the beginning of the journey
Huancayo, Peru,

Huancayo former railway station. Lima - Huancayo railroad is South America's highest railway and the second highest in the world Link, and on route it covers 69 tunnels and 58 bridges.
The construction began in 1870 and the 346 - kilometer - long part of Huancayo was completed by the year of 1908, so it took almost forty years.

Street musicians in the center of Huancayo.

A few days ago I drove in the mountains to get myself acclimated to the altitude. again.

In Bolivia it was all ok, and also in Cusco. Lima, however, was after all, almost at sea level, Huancayo is in the altitude of 3200 m, after a couple of days – do not feel anything special, but because ahead there will be higher – up to 4000 m - parts of the road, then it could be better to ride higher in the meantime, and then come down again to sleep.

Road to Abra Huaytapallanan.

In the altitude of 4590 meters.

And then back down.

Finally- some issues about spare parts and repairs.
Just in case had purchased some parts for the car. So - and I really hoped that they would not be needed soon. But you never know how things would be. And how many days would be spent and etc, etc.

The third day was scheduled for two jobs - replace the transmission pad and replace Diff Oils. The next picture shows the two gearbox cushions : the top cushion did not fit, but the bottom one had the right dimensions.


The Repair Team.

About fuel prices.The quality of the fuel is unsteady. Sometimes it is perfectly OK and then in some other cases there is no power in the engine at all.


Street Pictures.

Sometimes you can get the camera from the seat just in time and at the same time trying not to run over a bicycle.


PS. All is again mixed, as in life, the night has come, but not so much unwritten material of the blog waiting to be written down any more.

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