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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ushuaia 1

Day 721,
82 512 km since the beginning of the journey,

Ushuaia - located in Tierra del Fuegio - has been named the world's most southern city, but actually two other cities in Chile – Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams – use the same attractive name - "The Southernmost in the World". For clarification the map:

On the map the north is up – as we are used to –and if we take a quick look at the map then – Punta Arenas is in the north of Ushuaia and Puerto Williams can be found in the south of Ushuaia.

Punta Arenas is the oldest of the three, with the greatest number of inhabitants (136 thousand.) and is located by the Strait of Magellan and the statement "the southernmost ..." is based on the size (larger than Ushuaia, Rio Grande, Puerto Williams).

Ushuaia is located in the north shore of the Beagle Channel, the population is 64 thousand, and it is the most well - known "The Southernmost City in the World".

Puerto Williams is situated on the island of Navarino, on the southern shore of the Beagle Channel, and the number of inhabitants is 2876, which is actually quite little for a town, but still the advertisement says "Puerto Williams, The Southernmost Town in the World".

Anyway, in Ushuaia “The Southernmost in the World” and “The End Of The World “ advertising has brought almost every other day large cruise ships to the port.



The port of Ushuaia

A few hundred meters from the shore of the port there are always many people by the sign "fin del mundo". And there are mandatory places to take photos as well around here. Those arriving at the town from Ruta 3 road usually stop and take the first image at the border of the town.

But from Ushuaia the road takes to the National Park of Tierra del Fuegio, another obligatory place to take pictures.

Lapataia bay, here Ruta 3 comes to end. It is 3079 km to Buenos Aires and 17848 km to Alaska.

To follow the etiquette one should stand by oneself at the sign too. So – why not!


Some other random encountered vehicles - heading to Alaska.

VW bus, the year of construction is unknown.

And Chevrolet from the year of 1931.

Having asked about modifications, I learned that everything was original - except the Nissan's diesel engine.

To be continued ... Actually from Ushuaia one get even more southwards, but this will be a separate post.

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