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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

End of the road

Day 724.
Ushuaia - Estancia Moat - Ushuaia.

 In case someone wishes - It is possible to drive from Ushuaia even further on southwards . Although not directly along the coast - as the coastal road soon comes to an end at the parking lot , but at first it is necessary to drive back along Ruta 3 Road for 40 miles, and then the road - named J (Ruta 33) built by the army - will take one back to the coast .
The Beagle Channel – one of the three straits between the Atlantic and the Pacific - is on the right. Isla Navarno – that belongs to Chile - is further on.

There were only a few houses by the road, practically no traffic and then a dog with puppies lying in the middle of the road and they had no intention to leave.


Magellanic Cormorant





Southern Crested Caracara


Unfortunately, the names of some of the birds are not mentioned here. Usually I have used the help of internet while determining the species, but just now again the internet connection is as it is – that means – most of the time nothing goes up or comes down and nothing to do.

The last kilometres along the empty seaside road.

One more bridge that is quite decent over the river Moat. The last mile and from the distance a few buildings come in sight. In the middle of the courtyard there is a high radio tower and the Argentine flag is next to it.

Here the road came to an end. The gate was invitingly open, a couple of medium-sized dogs were running around in the yard. Further on I was asked the usual questions –From where had I come, for how long on the road and other related issues.

I told them briefly that I had come from Estonia and over the Republic of South Africa, but since a picture speaks a lot more than a thousand words- I showed them the map of my journey by the side of the car. They made some pictures of the map, I spoke about my journey so far, and then I was invited inside to write something in their guestbook. I had a look inside the guest book and they have really seen here all kinds of interesting people and vehicles.

For example - January2013 - a seven-member Czech-Polish-Slovak group had been there and their vehicles had been - 2 Trabant (yes, the same East German Trabant, 26 horsepower engine), 1 Fiat 126P (23 hp) and a motorcycle Jawa 250 (9 hp). Further reading about their journey
Further on from Moat one can get only on foot or horseback. As to a bike – yes, but you have to carry it and that is not so interesting.
Having written my autograph in the guest book I left the place and started my way back. The last glance back as most likely I will not return here so soon, and then on northwards. Or would it be more accurate to say that back - upwards.


Tens of kilometres of a quiet narrow coastal road was waiting ahead. This kind of road that just invited to stop and take a photo, on the left there were breathtaking views and magnificent birds, who were not afraid of people.

Only that some are too high.

Continued , and there will be no more pictures here, because otherwise the post will never be uploaded. In the meantime, again, the new day has begun.

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