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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Technical issues

Day 628,
66 625 km since the beginning of the journey,
Itapetininga, Brazil.

This time about technical issues. Because all the things that are about to fall apart should be repaired immediately, or as soon as possible, otherwise the situation would later be much worse. The first act. As the two rear fastenings of the roof frame were broken for the second time then it was necessary to get an aluminium welding . The broken spot was the same as before. The last repairs were made in the beginning of February, but a lot of weight on the roof and the road conditions in Namibia and Botswana had done their job.
Workshop, first of all - one side is made stronger.

The result.

And then - the other side.


The second act. Next, it was necessary to make the regular oil change.


The new filter is in its place. I do not have any more filters with as life has shown that they are available in almost every country, also in Africa. Filters of the same size are in use also in Kia Besta and some other vehicles.


The label shows that the oil should be prope , and in an hour everything was in order again The third act, or some more welding. The spare wheel holder under the bottom is also almost broken.

No wonder - 25 years old and the vast majority of that time has been driven in the countries where salt on the roads is used.
At the next workshop they examined first to find out whether it were possible to repair the old one. And they were willing to repair it, but the matter was resolved otherwise and they were ready to make a new one.

Some more measurements and welding, and the next 25 years should be careless.

Looks better than the previous. And time will show how strong it is. And as the welding was in progress the muffler was repaired as well. Because there was a hole in the pipe and the rear attachment was loose and a small welding for the muffler is not bad at all.

So everything is in order and can move on.

This is Brazil!

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