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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bolsa Official de Cafe

The Coffee Stock Exchange was situated in an important port town of Santos. The Bolsa Official de Café was opened in 1914 when coffee was an important export product of Brazil, and it was located in this building until 1950.

The building was completely renovated in 1998 and currently there is a coffee museum here. As it was Sunday and the weather was hot - the streets were almost deserted, except a few tourists.

The Action Room

The symbol of the stock exchange is in the middle of the floor.

The Action Room seen from above. The hall furniture, the table and 81 chairs are made of tropical jacaranda tree.

The stained glass ceiling.

The coffee transport more than 100 years ago.

On the second floor – the table where the production was tasted.

The table of various coffees.

The scales with three weight skeins for weighting the coffee bags. One bag - 60 kg.

Last century coffee was loaded on board the ships by hand, one coffee bag weighed 60 kg, and usually two bags were carried by workers at a time. There were some exceptions, the legendary docker named Jacinto demonstrated photographers how to carry the amount of 300 kg of coffee, that is - 5 bags - alone.


At the entrance there is a cafe, which has been recognised for 4 years in a row - the best one in Santos.


Usually I don`t succeed in taking pictures of edible things for a very simple reason Namely – the edible stuff will be eaten away before I remember to take out the camera, but there is one exception here.

Back to the town. In Santos it is possible to have a good overview of the Old Town by taking a half-hour by the trams from the beginning of the last century.

In fact there is a lot more to write about Santos – about the famous Brazilian football player Pele who is from here, or about the Beach Park which is 5 kilometres long
Meanwhile, another crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn has taken place. This time in Brazil.

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