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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Day 606.
64 240 km since the beginning of the journey

Now back to Brazil to admire the Falls near the town of Fox do Iguagu. The weather was once again somehow especially hot and the clouds in the sky and predicted rain.

The area of the Brazil`s side of the Fall is a National park and UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1987).

On the upper viewing platform.

A view straight down and on the lower platform.

A view upwards. Powerful in every way, the water came from every direction and then the downpour began as well.

A walking path. There is no sense to walk up to the end of it without waterproof clothing but the view from there is really worth to experience it.

A quick shot, the camera out for a moment and quickly back again. I more or less knew what to expect, but still, everything was much more powerful and majestic.

At the entrance large comfortable buses were waiting to take people around. Buses with air-conditioning.
Walking paths. Iguana.
Coatis playing.
Anyway - they were not afraid of people.
Protective colour.
And views beside the walking path.

Overview of the prices. The prices are in Brazilian Real and 1 Euro is 2.64 Real or 1 Real = 0.38 EUR. It is easier to take into account that 1 USD = 2 Real (more or less).
Diesel - 2.13 Real or 0.81 Euros
Petrol -2.69 Real or 1.02 Euros
Ethanol - 1.89 Real or 0.72 Euros. DSC03923
In another chain the prices were almost the same, even a bit cheaper.






Now about technical issues. For several times, I have not counted how many - it has so happened that the rear door of the bus does not want shut properly. It is usually discovered in the morning, when all the things are decently packed and everything is ready for moving on. You try to close the rear door but the door will not shut and there is no point to try harder. Actually – it is quite simple on dusty roads the lock gets full of dust.
The problem is with the lock at the bottom of the door, not with the key-turned lock of the rear door.

Taken off. Inside everything is moving poorly although it is supposed to work as clockwork.

Can be seen from far away that some stuff that needs to be cleaned and something is suspiciously warped.

The next act. After cleaning the mechanism starts to move again, as it should be.

Then again - everything back to its place. Perhaps it is a good idea to invent some kind of a dust protector as there are all kinds of roads and fine red dust as well. It took almost an hour.

The last oil and filter change was in Botswana (look at the next picture), and again one must check and look everything over and over. When some bolts are not properly tightened things could turn out quite complicated...
Flashback - Gaborone oil change.

I looked over what I have hastily written – everything is disorderly again, but life's like that.


This Is Brazil!

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