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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Brazil

Day 592
63 266 km since the beginning of the journey
Brazil, Foz do Iguacu

The beginning of the story is in the previous post - Brazil without a visa, the first attempt. In short - I can say that the Brazilian Consulate in Puerto Iguazuz found the best solution of their power to my particular case. They were ready to give me the cheapest urgent visa. The price was 100, ARG. All together it took only about an hour. Back at the border, another passport stamp, I gave away the Motor Vehicle Temporary Import and Argentina remained behind again.
 I did stop in the middle of the bridge to make a couple of pictures of this important moment and I was not the only one here to rejoice over the border crossing.

In some countries it is not allowed to take pictures of a border bridge but here the atmosphere is somehow quite different.

Just remembered some words from a cool film -
You're a Long Way From Home. This is Brazil!

The familiar crossing point of Brazil again , I park the car in the right place, and at this time it takes no more than five minutes inside. For me the matter is now solved.

Moral of the story and the lesson – when one wishes to get into a country, then these things should be solved on the spot with the help of the local officials and using their facilities. And the first impression of this country is positive in every way. And then to admire the Iguassu Falls, this time from Brazil`s side. But more about this in the next post.
This is Brazil!

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