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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Day 349

Between Mozambique and the Republic of South Africa there is one small country more - Swaziland.

The Kingdom of Swaziland or Swaziland achieved independence from England in 1968. The area of the state is 17,364 m2, it is less than half of Estonia and the population is 1.2 million, so the population is smaller than in Estonia as well. The state is surrounded by the Republic of South Africa from three sides and Mozambique lies on the fourth side Swaziland does not have sea border.

And another important difference – according to the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Estonians are allowed to go to Swaziland without a visa. The sign "Welcome to Swaziland” was waiting ahead.

And so it was.


The Passport Control examined the passport. “Estonia?" Then checked something and stamped the border crossing. The whole story, and that's true that Estonians need no visa to enter Swaziland


Between larger settlements there are this kind of non-African highways. As in Europe, only the traffic is less dense.


The money of Swaziland is lilangeni which is equal by rate to South African rand. Rand can be used to pay everywhere, didn`t meet any payment problem. The surprise was that even in ATM both - local currency and the South African rand were given. There were familiar SPAR's shops. And the larger shopping centers are such that walking around inside one cannot tell whether it is Europe or not.

Swaziland tourist attractions. The National Museum.




National Shields and spears with national symbolism.



Something rare – this stone spearhead is probably 75 to 80,000 years old.



The memorial of the previous king of Swaziland, King Sobhuza II is a couple of hundred meters away. He lived and ruled between 1899 - 1982


King Sobhuza II of Swaziland is known to be the longest-ruling monarch, 82 years and 254 days according to Wikipedia

The king had 70 women and 210 children, and more than 1000 grandchildren.


The King dressed in Incwala clothes after the coronation.



The king of Swaziland in 1968. The country has achieved independence.

The look in the eyes in this picture and in the majority of the photos says something that I know no words to describe.

And now - the display of royal vehicles.


And the following three pictures are a brief summary of the biography of the wise and the most influential head of the state


To be continued ...

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