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Friday, January 6, 2012

Swaziland, Mazda service

This post is of technical nature, in the meantime this kind topic of is necessary as well. The pictures about nature will be in the next post.
I have been asked many times if there had been any problems by the
car - but actually nothing special has happened. One thing was that a new battery was needed and the tailgate lock also needed to be cleaned of the dust of the road and after Congo the radiator was full of mud, but no more specific problems that I can recall.

But this time the story is as follows.

As a rule almost every morning I check the car - have a look under the bottom and check the oil level. And so in Mozambique I find out that some oil is leaking between the engine and gearbox. At the camping I was advised to have it repaired in South Africa but while in Swaziland I found a good “Service”. And not only for Mazda but for Ford and BMW as well.

To make the long story short – all the necessary items were found sooner or later.


That`s how the oily spot looks like.


When the gearbox and the clutch have been taken off, it becomes clear that the life of the bearing attached to the flywheel is also over. And this bearing was changed two and a half years ago.


Flywheel is off too, and now it is seen where the oil has come from.



The troublemaker itself on a large scale.


Another high-security accommodation place in the courtyard of the car service.



The new bearing is almost fixed and the new oil filter is seen on the left.


One more tin protection that required welding.


The gearbox is attached to the car again. Anyway, everything was finally in place and no screws or other parts were left over. The men themselves seemed very efficient and had technical insight.


In the meantime, when I had had lunch, the bus was cleaned – the outside washed and the engine cleaned.


At the service site. Prices – the total sum was almost 5,000 rand, or lilangenit, or roughly 500 EUR,- 250 EUR – for two half-days work of two men, and the other 250 for a clutch kit and an oil change with filter. Previous oil change had been about 10,000 km back in Burundi, and there the last oil filters taken with from Estonia were used. In general, the oil filters are available almost in any country, so does not make sense to have a lot of them with.

The next post will be from South africa.

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