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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kenya–Hell’s Kitchen

Looking for information about Marafa from internet I found this description –

According to the Lonely Planet, Marafa is "the most underrated site on the coast (if not Kenya)" and if you, "put this geographic phenomenon anywhere else on earth, families would plan vacations around visiting and a glut of shopping malls would surround the approaches."

So I made up my mind to visit the place. As the place was away from major roads so while looking for the right road a thought came that perhaps this road is only for local residents and domestic animals as there were no car tracks in sight.

In any case I asked for a couple of time over if that was the road to Marafa. The answer was that it would take there.

And the recent rain had done its work – no dust on the road but instead brown mud – stucking to the wheels. By the next mud pond a local was standing and looking with interest how a „mzungu“ with his white bus comes through. He confirmed that this was the road to Marafa, and as he was going to the same direction and asked if he could come with. Of course he could, unquestionably. The mud ponds lasted about 10 more kilometres, then the road crossed a bigger one and moving forward went easier.

And here it is – Marafa Hell`s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen

Eco Camp

Eco Camp meant that there was no current. When it got dark the petroolium lamps were taken out to have some kind of light and to prevent from falling down the stairs.

And this road taking to the ocean reminded of Estonia at the first glance. Only – there were palmtrees on the background.

So Kenya it really is.

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