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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kenya - Nairobi

Day 140
Kenya, Nairobi

Moyale – Marsabit – Isiolo Journey – the second part.

In Marsabit it took almost half of the day to have the the car of the Dutch to get repaired ( muffler welding, tire patching ). So our plan is not to drive any further that day. One can`t reach very far in half a day and it`s more reliable to drive in this way that the next place will be reached by the evening. The place – that is Isiolo. This area was said to be not very safe for riding at night.

We find the camping

The place is a surprise in a good sense. Cold and hot water, electricity, fridge with Coca and Sprite.

Shooting at night - another test.

The journey continues the next day.

The desert has once again been replaced with savanna.


In the meantime the road changed really rough. Driving here has been given up. There are series of wheel tracks in the sand. In the meantime one can move on even faster while driving beside the road.

And at last, after a three-day journey, asphalt began.


Equator. The further journey continues in the Southern Hemisphere.

A few kilometres after the equator this kind of a round number appears on the speedometer.

An overnight place. Even confires are in sight. Mosquitoes are flying around and try to creep inside the mosquito net. Some even succeed.



In the end – this kind of pictures. Kanya route on a map.


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