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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ruta 40, Salicas-Cafayate

Journey: Salicas – Belen – Hualfin - Santa Maria - Cafayate (350 km).

By the morning the frogs had disappeared and instead some geese were walking in the camping site.

The site was equipped with all vital issues. There was light available in the dark and a plug to use current. The plug demands a corresponding adapter of Argentina.

Some time ago I stopped using adapters as they tend to get hot and then melt, and in the end it is necessary to buy a new one again. So it seemed more practical to buy an Argentina extension cord of 10 meters , and do a little job of cutting and isolation.

This is the place of getting water. As a goose is swimming voluntarily here and seems to be satisfied - means that the water is clean.

To make coffee- it is safer to boil the water. Generally, the purity of the water can also be evaluated by the eye. At first you check whether the you can see the bottom of the stream and then you just put a bottle full of water and then inspect it to see what-or-who is swimming inside .

Quite an interesting well – but just only for viewing.

Another necessary room. From outside it seemed somehow unfinished, but the first look can be deceiving. Inside - everything was ok.

And that also means that the red tap offered warm water and from the tap marked blue- one could get cold water, and even there was a clean towel.

There was also a signboard by the road but it had remained unnoticed in the dark before.

Another gas station - diesel costs 11.11 .

As to the weather –in the meanwhile the hot weather – time is over and it begins to rain.

Just a place on the roadside to make a stop.

Overlooking the valley – the river of The Rio Santa Maria is beneath.

There is no hurry as Cafayate is no longer far away from here and by the evening will be sure to reach there. And the place Quilmes Ruins is situated just a few tens of kilometers before Cafayate, and this place is definitely worth visiting.

Another classic Ruta 40.

But the end of the day the situation was quite on the contrary - as there was a real traffic jam. Some vehicles seemed to move a bit but the majority is standing and waiting.

So – nothing to do but also to wait and then walk to have an overview what the matter could be. Since it had been raining again, the road is covered with mud, which sticks to the footwear . And then covers the floor of the car. Walking further does not give much information either. But as a number of vehicles are approaching - so it confirms that the road should be proper for traffic.

And the jam is increasing as some vehicles make several attempts to drive in several lanes.The roadside is not used, as the water there could be more than about twenty centimeters deep. And in some places one can find oneself in a pothole of about a meter deep.

The visit to Quilmes should wait till the next day. When I reach Cafayate at last it is getting dark already .

At the gate of the campsite a local is selling tortillas and not previously cooked but makes them just on the spot. . With cheese. Just at the right time and on the right place. Can`t expect for more.

 It's still raining. Generally speaking it is quite dry inside the bus. Of course not to mention the wetness that has been brought in by footwear or clothes. The good issue is that there is no need to put up a tent in the rain. The bus is parked so as not to be on anybody`s way, otherwise in the morning somebody would knock on the side of the bus and wake me up. 

Having found a vacant socket in the campsite you just take the 20-meter extension cord to get electricity. Tea and coffee can also be made with gas, but as electricity is included in the price of the campsite- an electric kettle is still a very useful thing. By early in the morning the rain is over.

Continued ....

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