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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Temporary Solution, Part 2.

Day 1073,
118 726 km since the beginning of the journey,
Salta, Argentina.

Two days later I'm back in the shop to get the ordered " new - used " replacement, but this time it turns out that it is not possible to order this part of the car as in this country Mazda is too rare and unique. So I am returned my pre-paid sum of money and will continue searching.

In the streets there are different kinds of vehicles and from somewhere the owners of them have somehow found them spare parts.



In some shops they say right away that they don`t have this kind of a spare part and in some other places it takes more time and most shops suggest to visit some other shop.

Walking on the whole is good and useful, as currently I can`t drive. Or, to be more precise, I can drive but it means that almost in front of every shop I have to go under the car, turn off the driveshaft and take it to the shop in order to show which part is now required. It is easier and more convenient to carry the driveshaft as it weighs only 7 kilograms.

The distance between the overnight place and the street of the repair part shops is 2.5 kilometers. The shops are open in the morning till 12 o'clock, then there is a siesta in the meantime, and since 4 pm the shops are open again. Finally, the situation seems to be resolved, from one of disassembling workshops I find a part that seems fits to the gearbox and now the rest of the driveshaft should be welded to it.

The lower one is the original driveshaft. At least – bought as an original in LAV. Above is another piece of some car- which should become the new " little less temporary" solution.

The main thing is that it must be strong and durable. At the workshop I am promised that the job would be ready by Monday. Well, that`s good.

And then it starts pouring so that the streets are under the water. The previous rain was January 11, just on the day off of Dakar. Now – thanks to the rain - the temperature will normalize and it is again about 20-25 degrees. So you can carry on and move through the water towards the camping.




The forecast says that next week it will be the "Usual Estonian Summer" here.

The current overnight place.. The green cover protects from both - the scorching sun and heavy rain.

From the book store in the center of town one can find some interesting and detailed maps.

The surrounding hills.


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