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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back in Cusco

27.08.2013 The Route: Abancay – Cusco (203 km)
28.08.2013 – 31.08.2013 Cuscos
101 657 km since the beginning of the journey
Quinta Lala Camping, Cusco, Peruu

Since the past few days the rear rim was continuesly hot so it was necessary to change the travel plans a little and drive directly from Abankayst to Cusco to solve he problem. The initial plan was to visit Arequipat, and Colca and the Canyon of Cotahuasi, but nothing to do. In a city of half a million inhabitants, it is easier to find replacement parts and deal with repairs.

This road will go towards Cusco.

In the meantime, again, you wait to let the oncoming vehicles pass by.

In these places it is usually possible to buy a wide range of food stuff, which will be brought directly to the door of the car.. Bananas, tangerines, and other food and drinks. And so -moving up and down the mountain all the day long. Meanwhile it is raining and then something snow-like comes down from the sky but the people work, regardless of the weather. Because it is the way they make their living. Respect.

Quinta Lala Camping : It 's a nice campingsite, which is shared by poultry, animals and vehicles of all sizes.




Last week the number of larger and smaller vehicles here had been 16. Here the time is usually taken off for a few days or for a few weeks, here you can wait for the arrival of necessary spare parts (which could be arriving from far Europe), and you can leave the car here while visiting Machu Picchu, or even longer if in the meantime it is necessary to fly to another continent. The city center of Cusco is just down the hill, it takes 10 minutes to go to the city, and 20 minutes (uphill anyway) to come back.

And apart from anything else, this is a place where impressions and useful information can be shared. There are some other similar places in Peru and Bolivia – In La Paz - Hotel Oberland, In Lima - Hichhikers Backpackers Hostel with a small parking lot, in Nazca - Hotel La Maison Suisse with a camping site. Places where you can see old acquaintances.

Next - back to technical talk. In general, before going to the service it is wiser to make the issue clear for yourself, at least – as much as possible. To be able to say that this particular thing is broken or needs to be replaced or repaired.

First of all - the wheel off and then the wheel of the other side off the ground. And then the engine running and and other necessary procedures to have some kind of idea of the problem.

So the problem seemed to be connected with the brake drummel.

I was suggested to visit „Cusco Overland Service“ and it was a good choice.


Some pictures of the repair process.







And this experience and the solved problem confirmed once more that Peru is really a nice, cool country and most of it is unvisited yet.


Today is September 1, 2013, the 925 th day of the journey.

"If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans" - Woody Allen.

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