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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paraguay, Asuncion, Part 2

Pictures of the centre of Asuncion.

Plaza Independencia. On one side there is the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion.


Former City Hall and Legislative Palace


Juan de Salazar y Espinosa (lived from 1508-1560) is the founder of the city of Asunción.

The Monument of Independence. Paraguay became an independent country in 1811.



And one more monument of a very important historical figure - Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte y Blanco or Simon Bolivar, 1783-1830.Link

There is only one zoo in Paraguay.










And because of the heat the great majority of the inhabitants had found shelter.

Driving towards the border of Argentina a neglected part of a town caught the eye.

"Thank you for visiting Paraguay." The next big city of Clorinda is 15 and Buenos Aires is 1500 miles away.

Further on is the border-station of San Ignacio de Loyola. It's hot outside, there is no wind, only some clouds in the sky and it seems to begin raining soon. But before rain it gets warmer and warmer. At the border all the formalities and paper work takes almost no time. The same - in the Customs. It took perhaps less than 20 minutes and no waiting outside and I am invited inside to an air-conditioned office. Having signed the documents we go out to look the bus over. Outside it seems to be turning even hotter and hotter and the air – stuffier and more humid. The bus is looked over, the world map on the bus door is examined and I am wished - Welcome to Argentina and have a nice trip.

I drive about 300 miles in the direction of southeast up to Resistencia. It begins to rain. Soon one of the screen-wipers - purchased in Paraguay – begins to flap. I make a stop and save the situation with a stick tape. More twenty miles - and the second wiper flies away. I manage to find it by the road and again with the help of the tape adjust it back. As to the old screen-wipers - I had thrown them away to avoid an extra burden in the bus.


There is a larger parking place by the side of road taking to Resistencia airport, and a few dozen meters away in the middle of the road - the police or the security company guard. It's raining, I'm not gonna look for any other place to overnight. Having asked the guard`s opinion I am said that I can stay there and it`s ok. The aircraft runway is probably not too close as I can hear no noise which could disturb sleep.

And the rain against the roof was in favour of falling asleep. The next morning I am going to the city. There is a note “City of the statues” next to the name of the city on Argentina`s map. And the cell phone company Claro needs to be visited and food supplies to be renewed .

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