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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bonito, Gruta Lago Azul

Day 669,
74 169 km since the beginning of the journey.

There is an interesting grotto About 20 kilometres from Bonito there is an interesting grotto, in the bottom of which is lake of very clear and transparent blue water. In order to visit the place pre-registration is necessary. The tourism companies in town sell the vouchers, the time of the visit is fixed and only then it makes sense to go to the place. Every half an hour a group of 15 people is allowed to go down to admire the lake and there are four groups moving around at the same time. I had seen the picture of the place before but the sight was more powerful than expected.

Starting descending from the top

Half way down and just alook back.

Further down the next group of visitors is coming downwards.

Downwards, downwards and only then the blue lake is noticeable, and the water is so clear that one cannot even see it.

This is closer already, but it is not allowed to go and touch the water. The slanting walls of the grotto are covered with stalactites that resemble to icicles and huge stalagmites grow out from the floor to meet them.

To visit the place one should need at least 2.5 hours - plus a half hour drive along a dusty road and the same amount of time back again.


In fact, I am now currently in a border town of Brazil and Paraguay. Brazil's Ponta Pora is the name of the town on Brazil`s side and the town on Paraguay`s side is called Pedro Juan Caballero, Of course, there is no physical border between the two cities .

I decided to find the Customs and other Authorities the next day.

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